The Collectors Hutt
The Ultimate Star Wars Collection You Have Been Looking For​
About The Hutt
My name is Chris Salton

It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, also known as my living room. When I was 6 years old Return of the Jedi was playing on TV and it absolutley blew my mind! From that day on my life would never be the same.

I started asking my parents for the Trilogy on VHS and because they're awesome , BAM! Next thing I knew  its in my hands. I honestly can't remember how many times I watched the trilogy but trust me it was a lot. Now the fun begins, The collecting! Every holiday and birthday was filled with Star Wars gifts, I was a very lucky kid .

As I got older and started making my own money I started picking up a lot more figures and as time went on and with better jobs I started getting helmets / masks and ever life size statues but wait it didnt stop there.

My father took me to a toy show at the Bay Side Expo Center in Boston. It was there I got a flier about a local convention were a couple of Star Wars guest were going to be signing autographs. I was in shock that I could  meet the actors from Star Wars! This opened a big door for me

​Over the years I attended many small conventions and a hand full of Star Wars weekends at Disney Hollywood studios. There I met a lot of the Star Wars actors and just when i thought it could'nt get any better then i heard about Star Wars Celebration! The biggest Star Wars convention in the galaxy. My wife and I have attended 4 celebration and man is it a dream come true. Four days all Star Wars, yes you heard me right! I met around 90 actors and at this point I accumlated a ton of beautiful Star Wars collectibles.

Thats when it came to me I would love to show my collection to other Star Wars fans. I started a YouTube channel called The Collectors Hutt and started reviewing my collection piece by piece and never looked back.

The support and love that you guys show me is overwelming its amazing how Star Wars can bring so many people together from around the world. I want to thank you all for watching my reviews.
                                     May the force be with you always! 
May The Force Be With You Always!